end of 2013 updates

2013 was even crazier than 2012.  If any of you are still reading me, hi!  thanks for sticking around!  I miss you.  (Hi, Mr. N!)

In other news, it looks like we have a denial of service comment spammer on the loose, so for a while, your comments may get deleted in the great purges presently underway.

I’ll be doing a Vietnamese Week with a friend the second week of December, so that should be pretty fun.  Aiming to try a bún bò Huế among other things.

Tonight we went to Molana in Watertown, because our new favorite Persian restaurant Shiraz was locked up tight as a drum, hopefully just for the holiday weekend.  Happily Molana was a lot better  than the last few times in both kebab kubideh and service, so maybe they’ve gotten their act back together.  We still prefer Shiraz, though, because the kubideh is better and they have That Bread which would be enough to win me just on its own.  http://www.shirazcuisine.com/ — but watch out, it plays music, ugh.

We wrapped the Thanksgiving turkey in 3 pounds of bacon again, and as usual, delicious.  Starting out with oven temps under 600F and skipping the oiled cloth made for much more edible bacon.  I may or may not have eaten half the skin+bacon before we even sat down to dinner.

Happy (imminent) winter solstice, everyone!

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