weirdly bracing

Craving something a little extra after lunch today, I put two spoonfuls of cocoa into a mug; added generous dashes of cinnamon, clove and chipotle; and maybe two tablespoons of agave syrup. Then I stirred it up — the resulting paste was better than most truffles, but I resisted the urge to just eat it that way — and filled the mug with hot water.

The resulting drink was more spicy than anything, with the sweetness diluted down by the water, but it was warming and energizing and sharp. I feel great, without any of the creamy sluggishness that sometimes comes with a cocoa treat made with milk. Yum!

Is this weird? canned peaches & goat cheddar

Lately I’ve been doing fruit+protein breakfasts, and last week that turned out to be jarred cling peaches and a couple slices of goat-milk cheddar.
That got a ringing “dude, that is weird” from the tallasiandude. I’m on the fence: on the one hand, to me it’s pretty normal, but I can see how it might be a little weird, especially for breakfast.
So let’s hear it, Internet: Is this weird?

Is this weird?

FoodNerd and I occasionally debate whether or not a given thing that she makes for a meal is weird. This discussion is completely orthogonal as to whether a given meal is delicious or no. Just whether it’s weird.
Often, it’s not even up for debate. Like the time we had Korean kim chi, a Japanese style cold sauteed spinach with sesame oil, garlic and sesame seeds, lightly pickled bean sprouts in rice vinegar and salt, some ham (deli ends) and some leftover rice. She was trying to make space in the fridge and it was the only stuff left in the house that wasn’t for a party we were having the next day. And it was tasty. But… kinda weird.
So our weird dinner last night: succotash, steamed jasmine rice, a fried egg and shredded cheddar cheese. FoodNerd is vehement that this just ISN’T weird. I totally think this is weird.
So we ask you, Internet: Is this weird?
[Update: remember, you have to consider all components in toto.]
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