summer vegetable yum, right quick

Cut up about 3 summer squashes (yellow/zucchini/whatever) and an onion into large dice. Sweat the onion in a scant tablespoon of bacon fat (or butter or olive oil), then add 2 large cloves minced garlic and the squash. Sprinkle with Lawry’s seasoned salt, and let cook, stirring occasionally, till squash is almost tender. Dump in a bag of Trader Joe’s Soy-cutash, grind in some pepper, add a little more Lawry’s if needed, and cook till hot and squash is tender.

Eat over rice with grated cheddar. Yum.

i *heart* my electric slicer

I finally broke down and bought a fancy electric meat slicer in order to properly slice the salumi I often get from my brother. Now, this is not the slice-everything-in-sight wonder that the brochure claims it is, but hot damn if it doesn’t slice the paper-thin bejesus out of my cured meats. Worth every penny.

Last night I sliced up some mole, finocchiona, and tartufo salumi to eat with the pasta and red sauce that was the sole dinner option after a hectic week. Yes, and it was only Tuesday. Yeesh. And today I was able to enjoy the leftover sliced goodness with a few slices of bread and fresh cherries for lunch. Summer does not suck.