easy, healthy, cheap

I made something last night to use up the last bit of cornmeal mix that I bought in NC, and it reminded me of the yummier 1970s random-ingredient casseroles of my youth. It’s easy, and cheap, and full of veggies, so y’all might like it.

Dice up a red bell pepper and half an onion, saute. When it starts to sweat, add a pound of ground beef and brown it with a bunch of mexican spice mix or chili powder or what have you. Be generous, this tends to be bland once it’s finished — I wished I had jacked up the flavor more in mine.

When the meat is almost done, add a drained can of corn and a drained can of pinto beans. Add some hot sauce if you feel like it. Add a can of diced or whole tomatoes cut up and their juice. Add salt to taste and more spice mix if you think it needs it.

Pour all this into a glass baking dish. Top with some grated cheese — I only had a tiny bit left, so perhaps more cheese would have made it more savory. Top that with prepared cornbread batter, and bake according to the cornbread directions.

at last, something useful to do with too-sweet cornbread

Whenever we get BBQ takeout, inevitably there is a bunch of obligatory cornbread, and because we are in the North, said cornbread is inevitably as sweet as cake. Eeew. I never eat it. But I feel guilty throwing it away if no one else eats it either. So this morning, I took a couple of pieces, crumbled them into a bowl with some canned peaches, poured milk over it like cereal and ate it for breakfast. Not at all terrible, and remarkably filling.