kale salad

This kale salad with feta and avocado and hummus dressing sounds really good and I might try to make it next time I get some kale from the parental homestead.

UPDATE: I made this with shredded kale (maybe 8 leaves), half a small tub of hummus, a slab of feta, half a yellow pepper, 8 olives and some quick-pickled cucumbers and their brine. Remarkably tasty, and astonishingly filling and sustaining. It also keeps just fine overnight, which is kind of miraculous for a salad.

quick turkish-esque bean and tuna salad

A delicious main-course salad I happened into while using up leftovers.

large can butter beans, drained and rinsed
can of tuna, drained
jar of marinated artichokes
big handful of dill, chopped
1/2 cup or so of ajvar

Mix all this up together with a drizzle of olive oil, some brine from the artichoke jar, and black pepper and hot paprika if your ajvar isn’t the hot spicy kind.

winter salad

Scraping the bottom of the barrel for a green or green-like vegetable after a long stretch of not grocery shopping, I did the following:

Mix shredded green cabbage (bagged from Trader Joe’s works fine) with a grated carrot, some diced kosher dill pickle, ground black pepper and a drizzle of the pickle brine.

Let it sit 15 mins or more and it makes a pretty decent tangy side for whatever you happen to be eating, in my case broiled chicken thigh and rice.

full-blown obsession

is what I am having with the combination of corn cut off the cob plus pimenton de la vera, usually in a salad-ish mixture with other vegetables like peppers or onions and perhaps some cheese. HOLY COW. I mix up the veggies, then put on a sprinkle of sea salt and an undignified amount of pimenton, and it is so very, very delicious.

possibly best salad ever

my lunch today was a bowlful of:

Trader Joe’s ready to eat butter lettuce
sliced radishes
crumbled feta
sliced green onion
diced spicy-garlic carrot pickles
Trader Joe’s chipotle hummus
half an avocado
drizzle of white wine vinegar

The feta, hummus and avocado served as dressing. It was tangy, spicy, savory and crunchy. YUM.