Five Guys burger and fries

Had my first Five Guys burger for lunch today.  Meh.

It was ok, I guess.  Got a cheeseburger with everything and a regular fries, for a straight middle of the road experience.   Not bad, but not especially good either.

Soggy bun even eating it immediately on receipt.  Sauteed mushrooms are nice but unnecessary and probably the cause of the bun sog.  Didn’t expect double burgers, which balanced out all the rest of the mess on there but were really more than I want in terms of meat on my burger.  Not an especially tasty burger, and I think it would suffer if some of the extraneous toppings disappeared.

Fries are soggy.  A few crispy ones in there, but greasy as hell and frankly too thick cut and not cooked correctly to have the right crunch.  And a regular order of fries was too much for me and the tallasiandude, which is saying something.  They do seem to err on the side of “more is better” which isn’t really how I roll, especially when it comes to burgers and fries.


AND they source their ingredients industrially, which isn’t a deal-breaker but does put the final nail in the coffin.

Tasty Burger for me when I’m home, and In-n-Out when I’m in CA.  No contest.   Mmmmm, Tasty Burger….

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