spring is here!

Roasted a lamb leg tonight, with all the trimmings: mint sauce (New Zealand style, made only of mint, cider vinegar, sugar, water and salt), yukon golds roasted in goose fat, asparagus, and rhubarb frozen yogurt cake. And champagne cosmopolitan cocktails, left over from littlelee’s family easter dinner. (Tasty, as were the pear-nectar and champagne cocktails.)
Firstly, GOOSE FAT. Damn. Makes those taters perfectly brown and very crunchy. Do it the british way. I got my can o’ fatty goodness in London, and I must find a source here.
Lamb was excellent, nice flavor, very moist, and littlelee & spleen are turned on to the NZ mint sauce. And the rhubarb frozen yogurt is what finally pushed me over the edge and caused me to buy an ice cream maker. I couldn’t stand reading another amazing recipe that I couldn’t make because I didn’t have the damn gizmo. Thirty bucks on Amazon for a refurbed Cuisinart machine, and I couldn’t be happier.
It was a nice simple dinner, absolutely delicious, and oozing spring from start to finish. Thank god winter’s over.


This is from our friend littlelee:

“I am a tad strapped for cash so I made a dinner last night largely based on what was aready in my fridge. I had pork chops marinating in curry ketchup (no joke! I figured it would be like BBQ sauce and had to use it b/c it’s about to expire), a snack box of dried apricots left over from Amy’s wedding in October, chicken broth (one can of which has been blocking the mouse hole under the sink), ghee that I made for Indian food early last September, a half-used onion and lentils. I bought pine nuts, raisins, onions and bulgur. It all turned into a bulgur pilaf worthy of Lala Rokh, sans the shitty service!”