about foodnerd

Just a little bit of background information: Foodnerd (the person) is based in the Boston area and works in software, which provides sufficient income to eat and cook really delicious things both at home and abroad. I like talking about food almost as much as cooking it or eating it. Foodnerd! (the blog) was a present to me from my sweetie-pie, the tallasiandude, who is no slouch himself in the food appreciation and creation department.
We, and our assorted food-obsessive friends, will post items about stuff we like, stuff we hate, places we ate, things we cooked or grew, and as many photos of same as we can manage. Also, I’d like to note that I don’t consider myself a “foodie,” which to me carries a whiff of haute cuisine, though it is the most common descriptor for people like us. I’m more of a foodslut: I love it all, high-end, low-end, out of a can or from The French Laundry… as long as it’s delicious.
I originally undertook to occasionally write up a few self-indulgent mutterings about food, but it seems that people are actually reading this sometimes, and I’ve started reading other people’s really excellent food blogs, so I’m trying to actually provide useful details in the posts these days. I hope you find something entertaining here, something useful for your own cooking, and for sure something delicious!
(Update in 2005/2006: I have moved to Chicago for a new job, and am eating my way through the sausages and Mexican markets and Korean bbq. Chicago has relatively few food bloggers, as far as I can tell, considering what a good eating city this is. If you’re out there, Chicago, let me know! We’ve already lost one to the Bay Area…)
(Update in 2007: I have moved back to Boston to get married to the tallasiandude. Awwww. I still visit Chicago occasionally for work, so there will continue to be Chicago-eatin’ posts, but for the most part it will be back to Boston-centric stuff. It’s been a completely insane year between work and moving — from my Chicago apartment and from tallasiandude’s house into the house we’ve bought together — and planning a wedding, so there’s not been many posts in late 2006 and early 2007. But things are looking calmer these days, so we should be getting back to normal quite soon.)