lunch in brown and yellow

We were out of lunchmeat this morning, and I forgot about the tasty leftovers in the fridge from last night’s Korean food frenzy at Wu Chon House, so it was the dreaded caf for me today.
When forced to go to the caf, I’ll usually get two grilled cheese and tomato sammies and a cup of soup. Outrageous at 7 bucks (ok, it’s really like $6.50, but I round up) but it’s fairly safe and the soup usually doesn’t totally suck.
But it’s slim pickin’s at 1:20 — it closes at 1:30 (not the first of my peeves). By the time I get down there, they’ve already shut down the grill and the one soup that might have been appetizing was popular enough that all that’s left are a few grains of barley and bits of drying vegetables dotting the bottom of the serving container.
So I end up with the meatloaf from the “Market Carvery” station, topped with brown gravy. Two sides? Well, the rice tray looks almost untouched, and the green beans look like sad withered twigs cooked with…something. Onions? Garlic? I give up on 20 questions and get the mashed potatoes and corn.
The corn looks to be cooked to within an inch of its life. But no, I stand corrected — they’ve had the life cooked out of them, leaving only yellow husks of fiber and starch. The meatloaf tastes alright, but it has a strange chewiness that I don’t generally associate with meat. The potatoes are quite passable by comparison, but that’s not saying much.
And all this for five bucks. What a deal, eh?
I hate the caf.

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