itty-bitty ice cream cone

@foodnerd's itty-bitty cone from Lizzy's on Twitpic

I just got the cutest damn ice cream cone at Lizzy’s. $1.49 for a dollhouse-sized cone with a golf-ball’s worth of ice cream on top. Absolutely adorable, and just the right amount of ice cream! om nom nom nom, i have already eaten half of it, but ain’t it cute still?

One thought on “itty-bitty ice cream cone”

  1. Nomming in agreement after a grabbing one in Harvard Square. Still, not small enough for a 2.5-year-old to finish before it melts all over everything in dripping distance.
    Also double-NOM to the “Mocha Chocolate Lace” or whatever the heck it was that I had.

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