12 minute miles, and a good reason to run them

Apparently I run 12 minute miles. That’s pretty freaking slow, but I am still proud as can be, considering I do THREE OF THEM AT A TIME. Go me.

Also this helps make up for the many dumplings and spare ribs and bao that went into the piehole at Hei La Moon this weekend. Very good dim sum, of about equivalent quality to China Pearl, but with two notable differences: 1) no black sesame jelly roll that I could find, and 2) the best damn turnip cake I have ever eaten, perfectly flavored and griddle fried fresh to order.

UPDATE: on a second visit, I scored some black sesame jelly roll from one of the first carts that came around at 11am — by the time we left an hour or so later it was all gone. So get ’em early, y’all. They’ll keep on the table for you.

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