everyday recipes from tallasiandude’s mom

Things I learned by lurking and watching:

Spinach-Pressed Tofu (cold)
Cook spinach, squeeze and chop. Finely dice pressed tofu. Mix, dress with salt and sesame oil.

Shrimps (hot)
Clean shrimps but don’t peel. Stir fry till pink on both sides with a couple disks of ginger and a scallion or two cut up into 2″ sticks. Add splashes of wine and soy sauce (and dark soy sauce), and let cook much longer than you’d think.

Pork and Pressed Tofu (hot)
Shred pork, mix with soy sauce and baking soda. Matchstick the pressed tofu. Stirfry pork with a teaspoon or two of salted black beans, chopped up, plus some red chilies or flakes, then add the tofu and stirfry until things start to brown.

Eggplant (hot/cold)
Cut slim (Japanese) eggplant into 2″ wedges about 1/2″ wide. Put into bowl, drizzle with soy sauce and sesame oil and a bit of sugar, and microwave until soft and not white, stopping to turn and toss occasionally.

1000-year Egg Loaf (cold)
Scramble eggs with quite a bit of chicken broth and presumably a bit of salt and/or sugar (I didn’t see that step). Pour into an oiled loaf pan with some cut-up 1000-year eggs, then steam. Cool, then slice into approx 1.5″ squares about 1/2″ thick.

Tea-Smoked Chicken (cold)
Steam the chopped up chicken with some peppercorns. Do not be alarmed at the weird red dots the peppercorns leave on the chicken skin. Put the chicken on a rack in a wok which contains black tea, raw rice, and sugar; cover and let it smoke until the chicken is brown and glossy.

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