Vietnamese week, days 1-3

I got a late start on Vietnamese week due to the presence of more leftovers than planned which needed eating, but since Tuesday I have made a few things. Using recipes off, a food blog by a pair of Vietnamese-Americans who seem to have pretty good taste.

Day 1: Curry

This one is from a can. It was a busy day, and I’d planned to make a curry-paste curry for a while and had a fridge full of eggplant, pepper, green bean, mushroom, and sweet potato that were about to croak. Sue me. It was delicious.

Day 2: Green Papaya Salad and Xoi Man

Green papaya salad, xoi man sticky rice.

xoi-man-sticky-rice-recipe (my chinese sausage was old and sad so I subbed in scrambled egg)

goi-du-du-green-papaya-salad (felt the need to add green beans, but otherwise just plain with mint and peanut only)

Day 3: Bo Kho

Bo Kho (Vietnamese beef stew) with rice noodles.  Please notice beef tendon front and center, from Snow Farm meat share. Yay, happy tendon! Bonus points for bone marrow steeped in delicious spicy broth.

Served with bún bò Huế rice noodles. Next time I serve this, I am going to cook the rice noodles in the broth so they aren’t quite so bland.  When they sit in the soup a while and take on the flavor, it’s much better.  Also improved by a shot of sriracha along with the lime and herbs and pickled daikon.