sweet-salty daikon pickles

I got this recipe from my mother in law after she served them to me during a visit and I went bonkers for them. I just typed it up for a friend who went bonkers for them after having them at our NoodleFest, so I figured I should post it as well.

1 lb daikon

peel and cut into quarters the long way (or whatever size/shape seems like it will make nice pickle pieces). Slice thin, btwn 1/8 and 1/4″ to taste.

mix the slices with:
1 Tbsp salt (kosher, and you can go a little lighter on this maybe I think)
1 tsp szechuan peppercorns
2 pcs star anise (I think they mean 2 whole ones but I use up my broken pcs for this)

Let this sit with a heavy weight on it for 2 hrs; remove weight and drain liquid. Wrap turnips in a cloth, press again with heavy weight for 1 hr.

Unwrap turnips and mix with:
2.5 Tbsp sugar
2 Tbsp soy sauce

Marinate 1 hr.

I think you can short the press-and-drain a little bit, but you do want to get the liquid out pretty well as it gets runny enough as it is.

I have been digging the last of these pickles with congee. Hope yours come out good!