ann sather cinnamon buns

Eh. I had a little bit of one this morning at work, leftover from a training breakfast, and it was pretty mediocre: pasty and yeasty and dry, not nearly enough cinna-goop or glazing. They have cinnamon buns on their boxes as their logo, so they must be renowned for them, but I can’t see why. I didn’t even bother to finish eating the half-bun I took. Bleh. I’ve had way better, most recently at an Amish bake stand in the Reading Terminal Market in Philly.

One thought on “ann sather cinnamon buns”

  1. ann sathers sucks. their buns, hot in their cafes, are sweet enough to suck the life out of a hummingbird. stale, they taste like cardboard, as you say. plus the place is so durn sweet it gives swedes a bad name. where is evidence of all that good design?
    next time at ikea, we have to have a sticky bun. that’s an important part of the ritual, too. if only to provide the necessary sugar rush to cope.

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