the bongo room & earwax

so we waded through the clots of hipsters outside The Bongo Room (at 10am on Saturday! don’t these people have hangovers to sleep off??) and got some brunch. Eggs benedict, to be specific, one with lobster and the other with canadian bacon. First of all, they actually poached my eggs hard, the way I asked them to — i was thrilled. NO ONE ever actually sends me hard-poached eggs in my benedicts, and so my hollandaise gets diluted by the runny yolks. Eeew. It was very nice, but the lobster version was lacking in salt, easily remedied with a quick go with the shaker. Their “hash browns” are really home fries, but they are exceptionally good, some of the best I’ve had, very flavorful and moist, yet with a crunchy exterior. They also have some cool-looking mimosas and bellinis, though we didn’t indulge. One thing I thought was weird, though, is that the decor was surprisingly boring except for the crazy spinning steel ceiling fans.
To kill time waiting for a table, we walked down to the Earwax Cafe and got a cappucino, which was very good, not at all bitter like most of the ones I’ve had of late. The people there were really mellow and cool, as well, which was a refreshing change — given the hipster ambiance of that stretch of Milwaukee, I expected faux-ragged hauteur. *grin*

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