cuban slow-cooker beef (ropa vieja)

I continue to get Woman’s Day magazine (long story, they won’t stop sending it here and I do not pay for it), which sometimes has recipes that are the germ of something interesting. Always they are reduced down to their simplest, most easily accessible ingredients and the most inoffensive flavor profile, but often there’s the germ of a decent quick meal in there.

Recently there was a recipe for slow cooker Cuban-style beef and peppers. I rarely like slow cooker recipes because they come out bland, but this one seemed like it had a shot, being both suitable to a watery cooking method and chock-a-block with flavorful ingredients.

I wound up modifying and winging it, but I did use this Saveur recipe as a guide. Mine had red pepper, cubanelle pepper, onion, lots of beef, dry vermouth, capers, cumin, and oregano, and made the house smell nice after 6 hours in the cooker. I drained off the liquid and boiled it down and thickened it a bit with arrowroot and amped it up with more salt and spices and vinegar. I topped mine with chopped olives but didn’t add them to the pot since tallasiandude is actively not into olives.

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